I’m trying really hard to do these wines their due justice, but I fear either my palate or lack of descriptive ability is hindering them…  Nonetheless, here I go again.

I was able to sneak this open before the wife said anything.  Malbec is, or at least historically, has been her favorite varietal.  Ever since she visited Chile with her wine business program in college she’s loved it, just ask her sometime.

Anyhow, I digress.

2006 Ty Caton, Sonoma Valley - Caton Vineyards Malbec

After a few swirls and warming it up in my palm, I can detect some smoked meat sneaking through the blueberry fruit.  There’s a touch of earth, almost like mushroom.  The wine tastes good with decent tannins, not that I would expect “enamel stripping” tannins (thanks Vince, that’s great).  There is a hint of band-aid in this which deters a tad, and I think that the finish is a little weak.  The wine is labeled as 14.3% alcohol but it verges on the edge of hot.

I am still enjoying this wine and give it an 82, or a B/B-.

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