Today is a beautiful day in Sonoma County.  I’ve been waiting to do my second brew and today is just perfect.

I got my new propane burner and have been itching to give it a go.  I had such a great brew from my first kit from The Beverage People but wanted a bigger hop character than their IPA kit delivered.  So I got another kit and got some extra Simcoe hops.  This batch got an extra 1/2 oz of these hops at 3o minutes into the boil.  It will get an extra dose at secondary fermentation in about a week.

Here’s some pics of the endeavor.

I take over the Kitchen when Brewing

Getting the Water Going

Adding the brewers barley "tea"

Boil Bubble, toil and trouble!

Good boil going strong

High Tech Wort Chiller

I love the way brewing beer smells…. Like a fresh loaf of bread in the oven!

Here’s one of the best reasons of brewing outdoors in Spring:

My boy!

Here’s to another great Brew.  Happy Spring All


Update:  Spring IPA – Home Brew 2 is in the bottle!

Assistant Brewmaster Michell filling up a Magnum of IPA. 5/16/2010.

10 Days of bottle conditioning and they should be ready for consumption, I can’t wait!

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