Oh man, I have been slacking like a pot-smoking sophomore High School kid.  I have been out of motivation like my Energizer Bunny up and died.  Anyhow, I just need to get back at this badness in a mean way!  So I grilled up a marinated pork loin on the Weber tonight and we all know smoky pork meat goes really well with some Syrah so I busted out a bottle from one of our wine club shipments from De La Montanya.

Here it is:

2006 Felta Creek Syrah, De La Montanya Vineyards, Dry Creek Valley

2006 Felta Creek Syrah, De La Montanya Vineyards, Dry Creek Valley

2006 Felta Creek Syrah

The Nose: Anise followed by marshmallow, mixed in with some sweet and sour ginger BBQ sauce, predominated by ripe plum.

The Taste: Ripe plum nose gives way to a tart plum taste with cherry fruit skins, finishing with a vanilla bean and chewy oak wood.

The Mouth Feel: Tart and a tad astringent shows good acidity (paired well with the juicy pork tenderloin) tame in the mid palate with decent tannins for a Syrah, definitely new world, and mild finish with subdued river stone.

The Color: This is definitely Syrah, Deep Purple, like Jimmy Hendrix himself brewed this concoction.  Thinning at the edges and showing its age a bit.

The Nitty Gritty:

14.5% ABV
$26 Original Retail Price
Does not appear to be available for  purchase

The Verdict:

As of late (past couple of years) I’ve been disenchanted by Syrah, but this is a damn fine drink of wine!  I thoroughly enjoyed this wine, both paired up with my dinner of marinated pork loin (marinated in garlic, Worcestershire, apple cider vinegar) and by itself.  De La Montanya rarely fails to impress me with the quality of their wines.  Again, I would recommend you get some of their product and drink to your heart’s delight!


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