My name is Brian and I am the Norcal Wingman.  Yeah, it sounds kind of cheesy but, that’s me.  I really do enjoy the Northern California lifestyle, especially living here in Sonoma County.  It has so much to offer.

My family moved me here back in the early/mid eighties and I’ve been here ever since.  I’ve done a little traveling and there is truly no place like NorCal.  You can’t beat the weather and to top it off, it’s wine country!

I’ve had the fortune to be close to the wine business because of my lovely wife.  I have been close to wineries in both the Sonoma Valley and Russian River AVAs.  I have worked in food service (in a past life) and have developed a discerning palate for great food and outstanding wine.

I’m hoping to provide you with a taste of great wines and great food, with a dash of Sonoma County flavor.

As an added bonus, I’m currently in the MBA program at Sonoma State University.  I’m publishing some of my papers that seem worth repeating (and that got a decent grade ;-)).  WARNING!  Reading material like this tends to make my brain hurt, read at your own risk!  The norcalwingman takes no responsibility for uncontrollable drooling or numbness in the extremities, due to consumption of said material.

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