Norcal Wingman on July 27th, 2010

Well if you’re lucky like me and have a 2 year old that means that your time is a resource that is in serious deficit.  Tonight I had to figure out something that would be not only be done quick, but not be demanding on my time so I could keep an eye on the […]

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Norcal Wingman on June 29th, 2010

In a quest to achieve my wine century club membership, I have come across a Greek wine varietal, Assyrtiko.  I paired this wine up recently with another of my “Not Bad” dinners and was pleasantly surprised with how things turned out.  Now on with the wine! 2009 Galavas, Santorini The Nose: Lemons, grass, and wet […]

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In my continuing new endeavor of joining that elite group, the Wine Century Club, I have been buying up and begging for varietals that I’ve never had before.  After checking out Joe Herrig’s (Suburbanwino) post about fighting sea monsters with which he paired up an Assyrtiko, it got me thinking that I should do my […]

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